Sucker Creek First Nation Group of Companies

What`s SCFN Group of Companies?

Sucker Creek First Nation Group of Companies (GoC) is an organization which does business as independently as possible from Sucker Creek’s Chief and Council. The main goal of GoC is to create and contribute to the financial growth of Sucker Creek as well as giving the community the ability to create their own opportunity. GoC’s leadership protects it from liability issues by separating themselves from the Band’s administration and political processes. They aim to complete business in a more tax efficient manner.

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SCFN Services LP

GoC was created in June 2016. By October of the same year they liquidated Arcadia Ridge, which was a construction company creating a high debt level, and re branded it as SCFN Services Limited Partnership to carry out existing business with the partnerships Arcadia Ridge had.

Partnership Hierarchy

Sucker Creek First Nation’s business structure consists of two levels of partnership.  The first level of limited partnership includes the business of directly or indirectly providing labour and other services to a providing sector, otherwise known as a General Partner.  The second level acts as the limited partner in the partnership.

To Run a Business

GoC continues to develop and advance in the building of their company.  They must adapt and change as necessary to continue to grow and build a stable base for the organization.  GoC has made a list of requirements to follow which helps keep their policies up to date on modern situations and issues.

A committed core team of employees that clearly know their roles and accountability
in making the company a success. The success of the company is seen through building
the trust for the SCFN, and the long-term goal is to build a successful, operating
company that will be properly managed by members of SCFN.
Choosing the right people – No one person is going to be the best at everything. As the
company is growing, specific knowledge and skill sets are required to support the
growth of the company and to ensure that company continue to grow in an
environment that continuously changes.
Establishing clear processes that every team member understands are extremely
important. When a task needs to be completed, there is a clear funnel and order of
operations that must be followed. This improves efficiency and reduces the chance of
fumbling information and having things slip through the cracks.
Establishing financial processes and expectation. Having a clear understanding of the
business financial capability will ensure that the company will not pursue opportunities
that may be outside of our scope, and make business decisions that supports the
continuous growth of the company.
Information Management – Operations is a complex initiative and involves various
stakeholders. Additionally, there are various external conditions impacting outcomes. It
is very important to maintain an objective view into how efficient our operations are.
And the place to start is data collection. Data driven decision-making should not be an