SCFN Services Limited Partnership

SCFN Services Limited Partnership, wholly owned by Sucker Creek First Nation, SCFN Services provides a wide variety of civil and oilfield construction services, as well as right-of-way and vegetation control services, to customers in the northern Alberta region. The company’s firsthand knowledge of Traditional Lands and strong community ties provides a competitive advantage when it comes to assisting clients with navigating local issues and developing community partnerships.  SCFN Services Limited Partnership works under Sucker Creek First Nation Group of Companies.  We offer many services when it comes to business partnerships.  This includes, but is not limited to, building leases, road construction, excavating and specialty equipment services.  Additionally, we provide vegetation control services where we supply labour crews who are trained for mulching, seismic clearing, right-of-way clearing and material and debris disposal.  Learn more in our SERVICES section.

Next to the main SCFN building resides the Treaty 8 building where SCFN Services LP occupies along with Sucker Creek First Nation Consultation.  Shane Freeman, the Operations Manager of SCFN Services LP, has an office in the Treaty 8 building.  Rita Badger, who is the Administration Support, works under Shane in the building as well.  You can Contact us by our email or phone.