Safety and Environment


To our company, and our partnership companies, we see the utmost importance in workplace safety and liability.  As SCFN Services LP grows, so does our pursuit to reduce accidents and casualties on and off of the workplace.  We treat everyone working here as family, as should any company, which means we respect our employees’ safety, welfare and security.  While keeping our team safe, we still provide the most efficient services as any other company.  We’ve stricken a balance between keeping all of our workers safe as well as giving our customers quick service regardless of job size.

We often use an uncommon acronym to follow with our safety protocol; because we use no acronym.  Safety, in our eyes, is of extreme importance.  So much so that we train our employees with proper courses, based on their job description and workplace, without giving them an acronym.  With the guidance of the provided safety courses, our employees can understand the practices and follow them flawlessly without the need of acronyms.


When it comes to traditional land, Sucker Creek First Nation makes it no overseen aspect of the oil and construction industry.  Nearly every day SCFN sends out a couple of drivers, who are trained to seek out evidence of endangered wildlife, to inspect sites of company construction sites.  Additionally, SCFN Services LP always recognizes the importance of environmental preservation and what the land, whether there exists endangered wildlife or not, means to the community and SCFN.

We have multiple considerations we follow to help reduce our footprint to our traditional land while providing oil and construction or providing site visits to other companies:

  • The history of the land
  • The level of current use by First Nations
  • The presence of ceremonial sites
  • Other additional uses which fall under our Treaty Rights and traditional uses